Conference Program

(All in-person talks in the Douglas Ballroom at the University Guest House.)

Day 1. <2022-04-09 Sat>

08.00am Welcome & opening remarks
08.30am-09.30am PLENARY TALK - Indranil Dutta
Chair: Matteo Fiorini
09.30am-09.45am break
09.45am-11.15am Session: Phonology I
Chair: Sameer ud Dowla Khan
  Paula Fenger and Philipp Weisser - Limits of Umlaut in Sinhala
  Krishan Chaursiya - Status of the Laryngeal Contrast in Malayalam: From Diachrony to Synchrony
  Luke Horo, Gregory Anderson and Opino Gomango - Acoustic phonetic properties of p-words, g-words and phrases in Sora verbal forms
11.15am-11.30am break
11.30am-12.30pm PLENARY TALK - Ashwini Deo
Chair: Veneeta Dayal
12.30pm-01.30pm lunch break + social
01.30pm-03.00pm Session: Semantics
Chair: Rajesh Bhatt
  Diti Bhadra - Derived Ignorance Effects with Bengali Epistemic Indefinites
  Shaunak Phadnis - “and-a-half” Numeral Constructions in Hindi
  Ian Hollenbaugh - A pragmatic analysis of the R̥gvedic injunctive
03.00pm-03.15pm break
03.15pm-04.45pm Session: Syntax I
Chair: Emily Manetta
  Akshay Aitha - Control is not Restructuring: Evidence from Telugu
  Shrayana Haldar - Feature Gluttony in Bengali Copular Infinitivals
  Yash Sinha - Number morphology on honorific nouns
05:30pm- conference dinner at Himalayan Kitchen

Day 2. <2022-04-10 Sun>

08.00am Welcome & opening remarks
08.15am-09.15am PLENARY TALK - Saralin Lyngdoh
Chair: Irena Grunche-Tine
09.15am-09.30am break
09.30am-10.30am Session: Syntax II
Chair: Matteo Fiorini
  Imke Driemel and Gurujegan Murugesan - Gender and allocutivity in the world’s languages
  Sadhwi Srinivas and Geraldine Legendre - Aspect as an indicator of finiteness in Kannada
10.30am-10.45am break
10.45am-01.00pm Lighting talks + posters
Chair: Kelly Kendro
  Ankana Saha - Free choice and epistemicity in Bangla: A test for exhaustification based approaches
  Rajesh Bhatt and Christopher Davis - Honor and number agreement in Hindi-Urdu
  Moumita Mukherjee - The Influence of Orthography on Spoken Word Recognition in Bangla
  Qandeel Hussain - Spectral moments analysis of stop release bursts of Shina
  Samir Alam - Bias and Intonation in Bangla Negative Questions
  Ringu Ann Baby - The meaning and function of the Malayalam exclusives -e: and ma:tRam
  Thamanna Raza P P and Somdev Kar - Phonological nativization of Persian loan words in Mappila Malayalam: A sociolinguistic study
01.00pm-02.00pm Lunch break + social
02.00pm-03.00pm Plenary talk: Shannon Barrios & Rachel Hayes-Harb
Chair: Ahmed Rashed Alnuqaydan
03.15pm-03.30pm break
03.30pm-04.30pm Session: Phonology II
Chair: Dustin Chacón
  Krishan Chaursiya and Paroma Sanyal - Acquisition of Hindi’s 4-way Laryngeal Contrast by the speakers of 2-way Contrast Languages
  Avleen K Mokha and Heather Goad - A Structured Approach to Obstruent+Approximant+Vowel Strings in Hindi
04.30pm-05.00pm business meeting